Mid-February, while the chill of winter still lingered... Needing to make a short trip out, I took my motorbike out of its shelter from the chilly frost.
I had only traveled a short distance and was making left turn when, suddenly, the wheel of my motorcycle slipped and skidded on the ground.
It was your average city pavement, and I was going at a slow speed as the traffic signal had just changed to green. But it was to no avail. A generous layer of calcium chloride was sprayed on the roads to combat the build-up of snow, but it, in turn, also made the ground slippery.
As the bike began to tilt leftwards, I instinctively counter-steered which pulled my bike to the other side, and both my bike and I met the ground. I distinctly remember my first thought upon impact being, "My face just touched the ground." With the help of the kind strangers who witnessed the incident, I was able to move my motorcycle to the side of the road. Still overwhelmed by the fall, I sat on the curb next to some random store and began to remove my helmet and riding gloves. The right chin and cheek area of m helmet were completely wrecked by the impact, I couldn't imagine the damage I would've directly sustained if I had opted to wear an open-face helmet instead. Even with the full-face helmet taking a huge burnt of the hit, my face was sore for a day or two.
Full-Face: Protects the whole head, including the chin and cheeks. Open-face: protects the head and ears, but exposes the face. Half: As the name suggests, covers only half the head and the upper eye area.
Aside from the full-face helmet, I had on my riding pants, jacket, and shoes that had built-in protectors. It was thanks to my attentive precautions that I was able to make it without any major injuries. That's not to say I came out completely unscathed. Although I was wearing padded riding gloves, I still suffered a metacarpal fracture and had to wear a case for over a month. But when I look at my ruined helmet and shoes, I just feel grateful that it wasn't any worse.
After coming out of my daze, I remembered the presence of my newly upgraded iPhone 14 Pro that I had put in my pocket. It was no longer in my pocket. Instead, it was still laying in the center of the crosswalk I had fallen at.
My heart dropped when I picked it up and saw the splintering cracks all over the front screen. Only until I removed the [Ringke Tempered Glass] screen protector, and realized, while the screen protector had broken upon impact, the screen underneath was flawless.


I performed a full check on my device next. Ay that time, my phone had on a [Ringke Onyx] case and a [Ringke Magnetic Plate] for MagSafe functions.



I also had the newly released, yet generally well-received, [Hand Strap] and [Buckle Link].



Although the [Ringke Onyx] case had incurred a few scruffs from the accident, my iPhone was unblemished. The camera lens under the [Ringke Camera Protector] was also in pristine condition.



The Ringke Onyx case is proven to be able to uphold a high protection level as it passed the US Military Standard Drop Test (MIL-STD 810G-516.6 where a case is dropped from a height of 1.2 meters 26 times without sustaining exceptional damages. The Ringke Onyx has always been a strong favorite within the company, but seeing the reliable protection of polyurethane elastic material with my own eyes brought it to the next level.


Additionally, now that I had first-hand experience with the effectiveness of he [raised lip design] in protecting the back camera and front screen, I became a solid advocate of maintaining and further developing this concept.
In the aftermath of my unfortunate accident, I deeply felt the importance of a protective phone case. Of course, in an ideal world, we would never drop our phone or have accidents like these, but life is full of unexpected situations, and all we can do to get through it is to be prepared in advance.


What if I wasn't wearing a full-face helmet? What if I wasn't using a Ringke Onyx case? Go for full-face helmets. Go for Ringke cases. Live a Better Day. Ringke


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