By default, all Ringke cases have a "strap hole' that allows you to attach different kinds of accessories such as hand or shoulder straps. In the past, most phones naturally came with a strap hole. However, even though phones were gradually becoming bigger, heavier, and pricier, strap holes steadily became a relic of the past.Nowadays, smartphone case manufacturers advertise that their case alone will be able to protect your device against drop impact. Ringke went above that standard to receive MIL-SPEC certifications to ensure the reliability and durability of our products. But is that it? What about prevention measures against drops to begin with? And the thought occurred to us, "There has to be a better way. How about using straps and keyrings to level up functionality? Also, wouldn't it be a great way to express self-identity?"Thus, Ringke cases with built-in strap holes were developed. We also released paracord finger and hand straps using parachute cords to go with it. To this day, these items are still beloved worldwide and gave arise to the creation of the world's first Ringke Buckle Swap system. Today, you can freely switch up your accessories, such as the hand straps, should straps, and neck lanyards, to fit your mood and situation.Since 2011 Ringke has firmly pushed the strap-hole agenda. This was always been for the sake of our users.And perhaps someday, our stubbornness may become someone's reason to give it a whirl. And perhaps someday, our stubbornness may ultimately save your phone from disaster. Live a Better Day.

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