Celebrating 20 years of Ringke. Kicking off 20 years of Ringke. Starting from its humble beginnings in 2003, back whenWe would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us through this grand journey to where we are today. In 2003, Ringke's humble beginning was marked by the development of Korea's very first laptop keyboard protector. At this point in time, laptops were not as prevalent and came with a premium price tag. Thus, keyboard protectors became a huge hit, and Ringke further evolved as a brand as we supplied our keyboard protectors such as Samsung Electronics and LG-IBM. This was just the first of the many silicone products launched by Ringke.In 2006, the world passed over the hype of keyboard skins and moved on to its next big trend of MP3 players. Subsequently, Ringke released the first silicone case for the iRiver e10 MP3 player. Soon after, we received a direct request from iRiver to become their official case developer.Do you remember the Mickey Mouse-shaped MP3 player from the movie, "The Man From Nowhere?" Trivia Fact! The case on that MP3 was from Ringke. Besides iRiver, we made silicone cases and keyboard skins for Cowon, electronic dictionaries, and 2G phones (such as the Cookie and Prada). Chances are, you've come across a Ringke product in some form at least once in your life.In 2009, Ringke began developing silicone cases for the iPhone 3GS and branched into the American market through Amazon. As smartphones became a global phenomenon, Ringke also aimed to become a globally known brand.In 2010, Ringke began producing its injection-molded polycarbonate cases. Our first creation was a thin, lightweight case, now aptly named the "Ringke Slim." Compared to our classic Fusion case, the Slim case more closel replicates the feeling of the natural device for a "no-case feel." This attention to detail has garnered many enthusiasts for the Slim.In 2012, the first Ringke Fusion case, our most popular clear case, was created. We aimed to create a hybrid case made of TPU and PC that retains a clean, transparent design and is easy to put on and remove at will while also providing high levels of impact protection.Nowadays, this TPU and PC hybrid case style can be commonly found in the smartphone case market as many companies adopted this trend and release their variations of this concept.In 2023, Ringke adopted a new TPU material that prevents discoloration, provides a better fit with true button response, has a sturdier strap hole, and more. Our Ringke Fusion, prided on originality, holds a very special place in our hearts.In 2018, the Bezel Styling for the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch were introduced. With the usage of stainless steel, smartwatches were given a fresh, majestic flair--akin to that of a luxury watch. Ringke is constantly developing new bezel designs to match the various needs and wants of our consumers.As of 2023, Ringke is distributing its products through more than 100 global companies in 45 countries around the world.In addition to the Fusion case, Ringke deals with a variety of different products, including our popular Ringke Onyx case, other case lineups, lanyard straps, vehicle accessories, and other smartphone accessories. As our range of products increases, this also gives us the joyous opportunity to meet new consumers.We would like to take this opportunity to once again express our deepest gratitude to our many consumers who have continued to come back to Ringke, giving us the opportunity for us to celebrate our 20th anniversary.Ringke's goal has always been to convey our sincerity with products for a better life and tomorrow. These values that Ringke seeks to uphold have not once wavered in the last 20 years and will continue to be upheld in the next 30 or 50 years. Thank you for your continuous support for Ringke!