Prism Ring [Design Edition]


  • Easy Use - Attachable and innovative smartphone ring gives an ideal solution to improved drop-free grip and comfortable hold making your device easy to take with you anywhere.Simply adhere the Ringke Prism Ring on the flat surface of your device or your mobile case.
  • Hands-Free - Carry with confidence in a natural, flexible grip that firmly keeps your device on hand to enjoy activities and reduces the risk of accidentally dropping or falling. Perfect for multitaskers who need unoccupied hands at a moment’s notice.
  • Multi-Angle View - Kickstand with a multi-angle view, it provides three different viewing angles for comfort. Ringke Prism Ring gives 360° rotation and 180° swivel for personalized hands-free viewing.
  • Compatibility - Suitable and compatible with most smartphones and cases with flat back panels for easy installation with a strong adhesive and high quality, superior gel grip for long-lasting strength.
  • PLEASE BE ADVISED - Devices with glass backs are recommended to use with a phone case to avoid adhesion issues and damage to your phone.
  • Word of Advice - Did you Prism Ring come apart? It might not be broken. If the handle fell off, carefully replace the ends back into the hole and it will click into place!