Magnetic Mount Metal Plate [Animal Edition]


  • Available in set of 5 different designs: Pig / Bear / Lion / Cat / Frog. 
  • The metal plates are not magnetic, and can only be attracted to a strong magnetic pull, allowing them to cling onto such materials and surfaces. In order to utilize the metal plates to its fullest, please make use of them with a magnetic car mount or a magnet desktop stand.
  • Strong 3M adhesive firmly attaches on the back of any device or tablet for immediate use. Unique animal mascots can be used as metal plates and also adds dreamy little elements to your case.
  • Premium dual layer vinyl material offers a durable and trendy look that pairs perfectly with your device to conveniently and confidently access hands-free use with magnetic car dashboard mounts or other mounts for your need.
  • A metal plate on the back of your device may interfere with wireless charging. Please make sure the metal plate is removed, along with the case if attached to it, or position the metal plate away from the battery portion of the device for a smooth, uninterrupted charge.