Galaxy S10 Screen Protector | Dual Easy Film


  • Easy To Install - The New 4 Layer Dual Easy Full Coverage Screen Protector is made to allow easier installation: adhere the protective film onto your phone screen for an effortless and flawless finish.
  • Easy Dust Removal - An extra film with dust removal function has been added. The third layer of the screen protector removes any possible specks of dust and debris on your screen prior to your final appliance.
  • Slim Fit - The sheerness of the protective film reduces the chances of lifting in corners, making sure every edge stays well attached to the phone screen.
  • High Transmittance - The clear transparent film ensures your smartphone viewing experience will not be deterred. Enjoy the optimal resolution for your device through our near-invisible screen protector making gaming, movie watching, and other activities smooth and satisfying.
  • Case Compatibility - Perfectly adjusted and sized to be case friendly and prevent side lifting.